The Power of Now

18 Apr 2023


"The greatest gift we can willingly give to ourselves, others and the world in life is to be really unconditionally and consciously present!
Everything that is essential and important results from this "almost" as if by itself!"

Experiential workshop on the basic principles of Integral Essential Healing.

>> Why are we not really energetically active in so many situations in life and what do we do to distract ourselves?
>> Why are we everywhere in thought but not really feeling in the body?
>> What if we boldly and consistently observed what is happening in each moment?
>> And is it possible that beyond all expectations and judgments and no matter how pleasant or unpleasant something feels, is it possible that we can then experience real fulfillment?

Curious? Fancy a real shift in your perception and in your life? Then welcome to the "Power of Now!"

Time: February 28, 2023
Location: Practice at Lychener Strasse 82, Berlin
Time: 7pm-10pm
Contribution: 35€ (25€ reduced)
Info & registration: